Corner Of The Basemet Demos

by Hijack The Airwaves

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Collection of some demos so you get the jist of what were trying to convey.


released May 10, 2011

Lance is guitar and vocals on track 1 and 2 and drums track 3 and 4. Nick plays drums and vocals on track 1 and 2 and Vocals on 3 and 4.



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Hijack The Airwaves Albany, New York

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Track Name: My Hand, Your Heart
My hand, Your heart. Got to give it up to a work of abstract art. Thinking outside the box cause you’ve got nowhere to live. Interpretation runs so deep just like your personality. People are predictable in all the things they do, Before it's even done you know what their up to. I'm not saying don't trust a soul, you just never really know. Half the time it could of just been me? My hand, Your heart. Give you the time of day, go change the story. Even if we’ll never know the truth, We sure did try. Bottled up like rockets on the beach, ready to explode.
Track Name: Queen Of Hearts
queen of my heart
you haunt my dreams
Leave me be
So I can sleep

Almost every night
I can’t feel alright
Guilty conscience
Will bury me
And I apoligize
A thousand million times
Even though
We’re never bound to meet again

Much like yesterday
Time is just a thought away
Wasting our better years consumed with our worst fears